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The other player is none other than Neptune, which has agree with the own Gu Mm Y several teams, such as Nextlevel, Led PC, or recently at the Portuguese organisation K1ck. We can not announce when it will be forthcoming in LAN of the equipment, you will need an indefinite time.A then we leave a few words from new signings: Gummy: Following my decision to take a break after the KODE5, which has come to me very well, I have decided that it is time to return to the activity and what best club to do so in one with so much history and popularity like this.We understand that, as everything in life, there are clear and its dark. La Gaming House was an exciting project but not always the desired objectives are achieved.We are still proud of having been the first club in giving their players a place to perform to the maximum of their potential, and a unique experience.Thank you all for the lovely, leagues, events, organizations, press…

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It’s been a very level competition, with very unexpected results from the recent exit of expansion, let us hope that next event arenas system and classes are more balanced and we can enjoy better.

Just 24 hours after announcing changes in Warcraft III team are pleased to announce the first success of the team.

With just 15 years old, the younger brother of the saga Moreno gets classified among the six best players in Europe to attend the European finals of the 2009 Blizzcon where his brother and already ex-companero Lucifro N, got an impressive third place which was to later become a world runner-up.

Neptuno: I want to thank x6tence opportunity offering me to keep playing to the counter-strike, since it had almost assumed that it was not going to keep doing, but esto has returned me the illusion loss after the Kode5.

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I want to compete at a high level and I think that this is the right place to get it, with the right people, to gradually achieve the objectives.Our team of Wo W comes eager to the tournament after the TOP 4 in the ESL GC Montreal, Leipzig and victory in the been ESL GC the several months preparing to fund new combinations that will be used in the upcoming competitions.